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Turn data into information to improve results. Identify groups of animals, receive alerts, simplify tasks.


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We created Wezoot to make it easier for animal breeders, so you have control of all your production with no complications. Therefore you will have more free time to focus on what you do best. We do the rest!

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Our alert system is totally adaptable to your needs. You define the settings and Wezoot will alert you for whatever needs your attention.

animal FILE

All the data about your animal is available in the same place: reproduction data, genealogical tree or even the task history. Consult all changes to the animals in real-time.


Task Manager

This task manager is a powerful tool for field work which will be your biggest ally on a day to day basis. Either individually or as a group, deal with your animals just a click away.


Detailed analysis of all the data related to your animals. From history we generate analytics to assist you in business decisions.


What our customers say

I joined Wezoot because it has developers who ensure the continuos developement of the system. Using Wezoot allows me to save money on my sheep holding. I have access to information that allows me to make genetic selection of animals, analytics increases my accuracy and reduces error. Besides that, it is connected to a sheep auto drafter, which allows me to reduce labor costs.
Rui Lynce
Manager of Couto dos Carvalhos holding
I joined Wezoot because I need to have a better understanding of my cattle herd, the ages of my animals, etc. Using this system allows me to better manage my farm because I can manage the exit dates of the animals and when I have to do certain tasks. I'm still just using it on cattle, but I want to extend it to sheep.
Bernardo Pinto
manager of Verde Poético - Sociedade Agrícola Lda holding


Wezoot is connected with several management equipment to save time, increase efficiency and improve the performance of your holding.
With Wezoot you can read and record information directly from RFID readers, auto drafters or scales.

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Wezoot is developed by Digidelta Software, a company with 30 years of experience in the field of livestock. We know what really matters when it comes to increasing production.

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